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Hot Tip

Every single time I find myself eating one more cookie (okay, maybe a whole packet more) than I wanted, I know I’m resisting something. There’s SOMETHING going on that I’m not wanting to look at or know about or feel. But this thing we call life, it’s not a game. This life you keep saying that you want but you keep running away from isn’t going to get any easier than it is RIGHT NOW. So you need to make a decision. Once and for all. Do you want this, or don’t you? Because, if you want it, I mean REALLY want it… not that kind of: “It’d be nice to have” kind of want. Or.. “Yeah, I’d like to be at my natural weight, as long as I can still eat Krispy Kreme’s all day”. Not THAT kind of want (which, FYI… isn’t really wanting at all. That’s called dreaming. And what’s more, it’s not real.) That kind of stuff will ROB YOU of the LIFE YOU DESERVE. Because, if you tell yourself that you want to lose weight, get in shape, feel better about yourself but you’re STILL making yourself sick each night on cookies, hot tea and chocolate, then I’m calling you out. You don’t want this at all…

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