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The Essential Guide To A Healthy Relationship With Food

If you are sooooo ready to dump emotional eating but just can’t seem to break off the relationship,The Essential Healthy Kitchen Guide is the perfect place to start. It’s jam packed with butt-busting, slim-wait creating, craving-fighting superhero goodness! This is 50 pages of my hottest tools, tips and tricks to create a no-brainer success system in your kitchen.

I’ll walk you through the process of discovering the hidden nasties that are keeping you stuck in a helpless relationship with food and show you how to take your power back.

I’ve also included my PERSONAL 8 Page Shopping List to wipe out food confusion and streamline your decision making process. PLUS I’ve got you covered with nearly 10 full pages of kitchen staples and delicious snack ideas that won’t leave you starving, riddled with guilt or picking at leftovers all night long.