Getting old habits out of your life is kinda like trying to get bubble gum off your shoes

It’s messy. It’s sticky. And somehow it always ends up in your hair (which actually has nothing to do with your habits, but it’s so annoying that it deserves a mention)



How do you bust through self doubt and create new habits? Should you write affirmations? Journal? Put on your Wonder Woman strides and summon all your super powers? How do you move out of your comfort zone when it’s furnished just the way you like it?

Emotional makeovers are like wardrobe makeovers. You like the new stuff but you want to keep the old daggy’s as well.

So, who better to give you an emotional styling makeover than the celebrity stylist himself, Chaz Dean! Chaz will be checking all your homework and posting your results on Facebook. Hahahaa! I’m lying, obviously. They’ll be posted on Instagram.